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Innovation requires experienced partners collaborating to become reality. Only then do they generate the true impact on our lives.

Our global team of professionals have the experience and expertise to delivery such Innovation. 


The quality, experience & competence you were always promised by your suppliers

Delivered at a price below your expectations

Differentiation through Quality

We create, we run, we support, we deliver

How we differentiate is through our quality

We deliver results in risk mitigating service delivery and application delivery backed up by clear auditable measures and results


Innovation & Competence

We resolve your problems


We help you differentiate in your market


We leverage leading-edge technology & AI to deliver true transformative solutions


for the long term...

We believe in true partnership. 

We are in this journey with you and will facilitate the outcomes you need.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence that delivers true value


Everyone is talking about AI right?

We go beyond the hype and leverage the tools to deliver true value and differentiation for your business.


We also ensure your data is secure and only visible to you


AI solutions that you can trust.

Innovation, Fast

We combine the experience gained over 30 years in Tier-1 IT providers, but we add our unique approach to it.


Rapid MVP creation for startups, utilising our pre-built re-usable components


Complex application solutions in the cloud with enterprise grade performance & resilience

Quality delivered, always

We support all technologies in all geographies.

Our unique automated AI service management framework assists us in delivering true measurable and auditable service & support of your systems 24/7 365

Team of Industrial Engineers

Strategy & Consulting

Our team can help you achieve the next step in your business evolution.

We operate at board level with the biggest, most influential, most dynamic companies globally.

We deliver transformational business strategy, investment support, digital strategy, M&A assistance and long term vision.


A different approach, forged through years of experience

We are recent entrants to the market. But we are experts in our field.

Our leadership team are not new to IT services. In fact we come from 30-40+ years of experience at board level in Tier-1 IT companies.

But we formed Quantum Generate after being frustrated with the poor quality delivered to customers from all the top global IT providers

We want to delight our customers, with industry leading service quality at a price point that is very competitive. 

We assembled the team in Quantum Generate with one aim in mind. Recruit the very best in the industry.

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